The 90 Day Challenge

Any smoker would know the difficulties they face when they have tried or even considered stopping. In fact, most smokers would advise non-smokers to never start in the first place as they understand the impact it has had on their health, pocket and life in general. We understand these challenges and the great feat it entails to embark on this journey. For this reason, years of research and development has gone into the Rosebud Amsterdam 90 Day Challenge. Rosebud Amsterdam (The Herbal Helpers) combined with the course, The Herbal Helper module on the Rocky.ai app, make up the quit-smoking 90 Day Challenge.


What does the 90 Day Challenge Consist of?

Rosebud Amsterdam, we call these Herbal Helpers, and The Herbal Helper Module on the Rocky.ai app


Herbal Helpers:

Extensive research and development was undertaken to produce an effective alternative herbal solution that can, not only assist with weening off nicotine in a 4-stage program, but also add health benefits and ease withdrawal symptoms. We call these “Herbal Helpers”. The herbs (raspberry, mullein and CBD) were carefully selected for their healing and beneficial properties. See Herbal Benefits for more info.


The Stages within the 4-Stage Program:

Stage 1: 0.8mg Nicotine – Week 1 to 3

Stage 2: 0.6mg Nicotine – Week 4 to 6

Stage 3: 0.2mg Nicotine – Week 7 to 9

Stage 4: 0mg Nicotine Week 10 to 12


You would first need to know what the milligram of nicotine is in the current brand of cigarettes you smoke. This is easy to find on the side of your current pack.

For instance:

If you currently smoke a cigarette that has 0.8mg Nicotine in it, you would start at stage 1. And if you smoked a brand that contains 0.6mg you would start at stage 2.

The goal: By day 79 to be tobacco free!

The herbal helpers will assist you to ween off Nicotine through the program, provide a healthier alternative and will also assist with the withdrawal symptoms through the program. 


The Herbal Helper Program:

The program consists of a 13-week interactive course that assists you daily. Each week is a module, and each day has a theme.

The course was developed by Rosebud Amsterdam in cooperation with Rocky.ai to be a “BUDDY Program” which assists you in the journey to quit smoking. It is there to provide you the support, motivation and information to help keep you going on your journey to a new you. 

Your day will consist of four tasks, one of which will be your daily Mindset Chat with Rocky. You are rewarded for each task completed and it will assist in assessing your progress through the journey.

Who is Rocky?

Rocky is an artificial intelligence program that listens and interjects questions to guide you in achieving your desired goal. Rocky will communicate with you, reply and gather intelligence in accordance with your responses and input. The more accurate and the more input you provide, the more assistance you will receive to achieve your goals.   



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