Rosebud Origins 

Rose Bud started life out very much like most do. A “free-spirited and jovial child” is what many referred to her as. Life was this amazing journey that she fully embraced with every turn she took. Her strength and warrior spirit were immediately apparent to everyone she encountered. Though Rose did not know that things would soon take a turn in a different direction, changing her path forever. Besides the pressures of life, which I’m sure we can all relate to, she was faced with various trials and tribulations. This had a massive impact on her physical and mental well-being, Rose did not take care of the most important person, herself. By the time she realised the state she was in, she had nearly deteriorated to the point of no return.

This is when Rose took a stand. She promised herself that she would stand tall and fight, no matter how hard it may be! Rose took control of her life saying, “I want to be healthy!”, “I want to beat my addiction!”, “I want to feel good again!”. This is when Rose began her journey of self-rediscovery and rehabilitation. The more Rose devoted herself to her new way of life the better she felt and the more she could achieve, she felt as if she was on top of the world. 

Rose was elated with her “new me”, she wanted to emulate this feeling onto others, so they too could take the steps to regain control. During her path of healing, smoking was the hardest thing to overcome. The habit needed to be broken and the withdrawal symptoms like rage, anger and headaches had to be dealt with, all of which was difficult especially with no support. This is where Rosebud Amsterdam was born. Rose wanted to assist as many people as possible to stop smoking by offering them tools and support to help them through this difficult process. 

Three years of extensive research and development then commenced to produce an effective alternative herbal solution that can, not only assist with weening off nicotine, but also ease withdrawal symptoms. The herbs (raspberry, mullein and CBD) were carefully selected for their healing and beneficial properties. We call these “Herbal Helpers”. The Raspberry was selected for its immune boosting properties, it neutralizes nicotine poisoning (very beneficial for long term smokers) and that it is a sedative herb which calms the nervous system. Mullein is a highly medicinal herb  which actually helps the lung tissue to heal. It is an expectorant, which means it helps the body expel excess mucus as well as a demulcent that creates a soothing anti-inflammatory coating over mucous membranes. CBD has many health benefits which include assisting with pain relief, anti-inflammatory, anxiety and depression. Having Herbal Helpers during your 90 day challenge assists you to cope with the addiction and provides a calming and uplifting element to assist you in dealing with the withdrawal symptoms.

Rosebud Amsterdam (The Herbal Helpers) combined with the course The Herbal Helper module on the Rocky.ai app make up the 90 Day Challenge. The course was developed by Rosebud Amsterdam in cooperation with Rocky.ai to be a “BUDDY Program” which assists you in the journey to quit smoking. It is there to provide you the support, motivation and information to help keep you going. This is something Rose feels very strongly about as she never had the support she wished she had at the time. Rose’s motto now is “dare to be tobacco free”.


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